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ORBEUM ORB Sale has Started


Currently social commerce is experiencing phenomenal growth that gives an opportunity to develop a decentralized network of future exchange. In that sense, cryptocurrency trading enables investors to gain exposure in the decentralized network. The advent of trading bots like bitiq allows you to automate your cryptocurrency trading in a way never seen before. Furthermore, it is significant that BitIQ is a safe, profitable, and risk-reducing tool to support investing. The reasons for this prediction is not new: The online media helps organizations streamline processes so they can do business more efficiently. It gives them a faster way to compare prices and availability of goods and services they need. It’s an excellent way to show global customers what they have to offer. The Web does not perform these tasks itself. It is merely a vehicle for such activities. The Web is incorporated with the appropriate media recognized as ‘Orbstick’ to accomplish these business objectives. Orbstick is a substantial tech platform where you can use several modes of communication such as “Go LIVE” from anywhere in the world and share things accordingly. You would be able to connect with your friends, family and followers with VOIP over your devices easily or conduct business meetings or marketing webinars or simply surf videos for FUN.

There is substantial excitement on the web about its potential to revolutionize the decentralized block-chain and social commerce. The Orbeum is a revolutionary new future token to replace transaction fees. It will attract large number of advertisers who have been hesitating due to the double cost system. This decentralized block-chain system protects the transaction security by creating huge demand for Orbeum token as well as to build confidence among market players.


Orbeum (OBM) tokens are based on Orbeum’s Ethereum smart contract (ERC20). All transactions on the platform are transparently recorded and stored on the block-chain, where they can always be checked. The platform soon will integrate automated trading system similar to automated Bitcoin trading apps. Visit which has information about one of the automated Bitcoin trading apps.

In Demand

The OBM token is the native currency of our platform. Due to its platform’s extensive uses and further plans it will always remain in demand.

Right place , Right Time

The OBM token is the perfect play for capitalising on the unprecedented interest in Ethereum Technology projects coming in 2018.

Valuable Token

The OBM token has real utility and value as an essential component of Orbstick’s revolutionary platform and upcoming solutions.


Orbeum is different from other ICOs. Our primary product is very near to completion and will be launching in a matter of couple of weeks after ICO instead of having to start working from scratch after ICO is completed. The development of our product started in December 2016. Some minor refinements overlaid across the development timeline will have the Orbstick/Orbeum project delivered on time.

Get Connected with Friends

Video Hosting

Video sharing

Video surfing

Create Stations

Chat, voice or video call

Use OBM tokens for Payments

OBM tokens in Monetization

Go live

Reactions to posts

Record Screen

Host a business meeting

Host a marketing Webinar

Cover live events

Perfect Ad Platform

Earn from Monetization


Sep, 2016
Concept of Orbstick
Oct, 2016
Flow and functionality of Orbstick
Dec, 2016
Development of Orbstick started
Feb, 2017
Design and Architecture Finalized
Mar, 2017
Concept of Orbeum
Apr, 2017
Architecture of Orbstick was laid down
Jun, 2017
Development of Orbeum started
Aug, 2017
Completion of development of Orbeum
Oct, 2017
Basic functionalities of Orbstick were completed. Testing started
Dec, 2017
Tweeks and New functionalities started development on Orbstick
Jan, 2018
Orbeum ICO preparation. Development of orbstick on IOS and Android.
Feb, 2018
ICO SALE of Orbeum
Apr, 2018
Complete distribution of tokens and bonuses
May, 2018
Listing of Orbeum on different exchanges
Jun, 2018
Increase of team of Orbeum and orbstick.
Jul, 2018
Launch of Orbstick Web platform
Aug, 2018
Launch of Android and IOS platform of Orbstick.
Sep, 2018
Testing vulnerabilities and securities of Orbstick Platform by ethical hacker from top 100 in world.
Sep, 2018
Launch of block chain based full private Messenger and Calling app with utmost security and privacy.
Sep, 2018
Development, testing and launch of ad Platform.
Oct, 2018
Integration of Orbeum as payment gateway in Orbstick
Nov, 2018
Launch of monetization platform for users to earn
Dec, 2018
Monetization Payments in Orbeum tokens Starts.
Jan, 2019
Updated versions of orbstick web, android and IOS launched with more features and tweaks
Feb, 2019
Launch of Orbeum personal wallets
Mar, 2019
Opening of Orbstick’s Private Data center with green energy
Jul, 2019
Implementing block-chain security of storages and dedicated servers for full anonymous integration.
Aug, 2019
Dedicated country nodes and dedicated caching servers for orbstick for popular countries to have stream less browsing.
Oct, 2019
Launching of Unique Block chain and Coin codes. Based on RAM processing mining.
Nov, 2019
Expanding the Use of our coin codes for creating multiple and new private coins by organizations.
Dec, 2019
Expanding our nodes and caching servers.
Jan, 2020
Roadmap will be launched by June 2019. Which will contain of development and launch of 2 other software based on block chain platform and 1 Online Movies Corners, which would be a project more like Netflix…

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Our Team

Faheem Rajpoot


Faheem has worked as an enterpreneur in past helping people to create income online.

George Han


George Han has extensive experience in advising tech startups in their growth strategies.


Ethereum Developer

Aliaksandr’s skills lies in Ethereum and Smart contract

Natalia Lea


Natalia works with Orbeum as SEO and Digital Marketing. She holds vast experience in SEO Field.


AI Expert

Waseem has been working as a AI Programmer since past 6 years and has won awards as well.

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